Saturday, April 4, 2009

The goofiness of my kid

This picture was taken about two years ago.

Morgan Brush

I know God knew that she was safe and that "Grace" was never a name that I even slightly considered when naming my child. She found a round brush in the bathroom and decided to try to comb her naturally curly hair with it. A lot of conditioner and a lot of patience and we finally got it out! Just gotta love kids, don't you?

Morgan and Nana

She does lover her Nana, though. And as all good grandmothers, hers doesn't mind her goofiness as much as I do. She's so much more patient with her than I am. Funny, I don't remember my mom being that patient with me. Maybe I am just getting old and the memory is fuzzy? Somehow I doubt it. I think grandparents get a huge dose of patience somewhere along the line. Too bad they don't hand that out to parents as well.

Morgan and Papa Bear

She loved my dad so very much. I have never seen a grandparent/grandchild relationship that close. They truly were each other's best friends. Not too long before my dad died he told me that Morgan was THE most important person in his life. I truly think that she's the reason he hung on as long as he could. A year and a half later and there is still rarely a day that goes by that she doesn't mention her "Papa Bear". I miss him, too.

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