Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tried it Twice... still don't like it

Last night we went over to see Gini and the baby at the hospital in Fredericksburg. I had thought we'd go visit and then have a nice dinner, preferably at Pasta Bella, but by the time we go there it was already 8:45 and by the time we left the hospital it was well past 9:00. We drove up and down the main street there in F'burg trying to find a restaurant, but amazingly most of them close at 9:00. You'd think for a tourist town, it would stay open later, especially on a really nice, warm Saturday night in April. We ended up at the Brewery which we had tried on one other occasion and were not that impressed. Last night was no different. The first time we ate there we tried their German food. Frozen pork/veal patty. I am not a fan of frozen, pre-purchased patties of any sort. And now that I have started making Jaegerschnitzel at home, we just don't eat it out anyway. I wish I could find veal, but pork works...

So last night James had the red snapper and I had a chicken fried steak. First of all, I am not a huge fan of restaurant chicken fried steak, but their menu is fairly limited and I was just wanting something that was mostly meat. It was about the size of a small dinner plate, but flatter than a pancake. The meat had all kinds of strings in it. Obviously a very cheap quality. I won't go as far as to say it was a frozen patty, but it was bad enough in it's flattened state. I will say the green beans were good. The German potatoes and onions were cold, had absolutely no seasoning on them and I am fairly certain that there are centuries of dead Germans rolling over in their graves at this very moment only because of them... James's fish was obviously from frozen state. (Not that we were expecting fresh red snapper in F'burg.) But these were frozen with the batter already on them. I'd say one step above Vandekamps.

My advice is... if you are going to visit the Brewery, stick to the brew.... enough of it and any food might taste decent!


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