Saturday, June 13, 2009

A long wait

My friend Gail recently was married. For the very first time at 59 years old. She waited a really long time for Mr. Right. I envy her that. I wish I could have been that patient! The wedding was at an event center in Wimberley. It was so beautiful. They were married along the river bank. The reception was in on outdoor pavilion at sunset. Just absolutely gorgeous. And my favorite photographer in the world, Rick Breckenridge, took photographs. He lives in Austin and works for Channel 8. I don't get to see him nearly enough. I miss my friends who move on from Kerrville. Gail's been in Houston for years so I rarely see her either. So overall it was a wonderful evening. I spent time with two very wonderful friends and had my mom and daughter there. Oh... and did I mention there was free wine? What could be any better?

Me, Gail, Mom
Me, Gail and my mom

Me and Gail
Gail and I

Tammi and Rick again
My favorite photographer, Rick and I

Gail and I again
I just love Gail!

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