Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have a favorite restaurant in Kerrville... My family doesn't necessarily share my passion for Conchita's, but I don't care. I eat there as often as I can get away with it. I took Morgan there for lunch today, just a mommy/daughter thing. Of course, she couldn't to get home to play with the next door neighbor kids, but I guess I'll take what I can get!

Conchita's signature dish is their Chicken Avacado Eggroll. It's a traditional eggroll wrapping, but stuffed with shredded chicken and avacados and drizzled with her amazing cilantro/pecan pesto. I've tried to duplicate her pesto sauce at home. Mine wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't the same as hers.

Today I had the 1/2 and 1/2 which is one chicken avacado eggroll and then a half order of chicken pesto nachos. Can you tell I am in love with the pesto? She also serves a Greek Salad that is heavenly. It's simple... bed of lettuce with some potato salad, pico de gallo, guacamole and then drizzled with the pesto.

Teresa Womack is the owner of Conchita's. She and I worked together years ago at Justin's Corn Dogs in the "small" here in Kerrville. She's had the restaurant for about 7 years now. Open for lunch only... once in awhile she's open on the weekends for dinner, but I am not sure if she has a set time for that...

Visit her if you get a chance. Tell her I sent you! 810 Main Street - right next to the tatoo parlor!!

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  1. Oh man I dream about Conchitas! We ate there yesterday before heading home :) Next time I'm down we'll have to go together :)